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Does zinc help you sleep better?

Zinc has become a popular treatment for the common cold! The evidence for zinc is controversial and contradictory! It is not used for sleep aid! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Yara Reply:

    Yes, at least for me. Since I started taking zinc (25 mg) once a day, I started to have less interrupted patterns of deeper sleep and it feels great!

  2. Mila Reply:

    If you're looking for ways to increase testosterone, then I don't need to tell you about One of my favorite fish oils, though one of the more expensive, can be found here: Zinc is absolutely necessary to maintain and increase testosterone, and great for those looking to increase testosterone, will also make you very tired. Source:

  3. Krystina Reply:

    Sleeping longer will also make you dream more. as well. Zinc is in every cell of the body and is a part of over 200 enzymes, so Zinc supplements may increase

  4. Cherise Reply:

    Many children have trouble sleeping at night. Lack of sleep can cause a child to become irritable, upset, and even depressed. Behavioral problems, such as not paying attention in class, are also more common in children with sleep deprivatio… Source:

  5. Lee Reply:

    try to shorten your babies naps during the day. it is a time for you and your baby to get rest, but they tend to sleep better at night with shorter naps. before bedtime, create a nightly routine. try giving your baby a warm bath right befor… Source:

  6. Lee Reply:

    Getting a baby to sleep well through the night is a topic that inspires much conversation among parents and pediatricians. There are many ways to get your child to sleep better, but you have to have patience. Developing a nighttime routine … Source:

  7. Iva Reply:

    Does using zinc electrodes affect the concentration of zinc ions during electrolysis of aqueous zinc sulphate?

  8. Madison Reply:

    If youre physically active then supplementing Zinc and Magnesium is effective! These minerals are electrolytes, which help replenish your muscles when youve worked out! I dont know about Zinc, but I supplement Magnesium for various reasons and it helps me even when Im not working out; I asked my doctor about it and he said its effective in helping relax muscles! I dont see why Zinc wouldnt do the same though!

  9. Maritza Reply:

    Can tramadol help you sleep better? Yes if you overdose and become a total drugy. you will benift by dieing. Who is better at Does zinc help plants grow?

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