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How Can I Go To Sleep?

Simply by closing your eyes and think of a story or maybe even a fantasy! 24/7! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lauretta Reply:

    How to Go to Sleep Fast. Having trouble getting to sleep? Try these tips to help you go to sleep faster. Source:

  2. Suellen Reply:

    Set a timer for different times and work on turning it off and doing other stuff for a few minutes and when the timer goes off, back to video games and so on. Then, before you play the video games, set a timer for bed time and when it goes

  3. Cierra Reply:

    There have been people that have gone as long as eleven days without sleep. This is not normal and not healthy. As you lose sleep your thinking will suffer and your reflexes will slow down. At some point you will even start to hallucinate. Source:

  4. Jason Reply:

    Currently the world record, although un-recorded by Guinness due to health concerns, is over 11 days. However, immediately after setting that record, it was broken by someone else who outdid him by 11 hours. But some chronic insomniacs have… Source:

  5. Lavon Reply:

    Going to sleep faster requires you to just do it. Laying there thinking about going to sleep doesn’t help you any. When you are laying in bed, try to imagine your mind as a trash can. And any time a thought pops into your head, you immediat… Source:

  6. Jo Reply:

    Slow Wave Sleep is the the. Back sleep prevents SWS in most restorative type of sleep infants. Is this safe? Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) is the combination of Stage 3 NREM Sleep and

  7. Kiana Reply:

    Being that you know of paranormal activity, Your just scaring yourself, the thing about being scared is that their is really no way to fix it! As for sleeping that should be easy, Calm yourself and dont think about it, if you think something is there dont be scared to get up and walk over to it! Paranormal Activity is just a movie series, its not real at all; However situations like that occur but it very unlikely and you would know for sure if it was! If all else fails, go get some sleeping pills and you should be sleeping within 20 minutes, if your on any other medication it would be best to consult with your doctor before using sleeping aids!

  8. Aracelis Reply:

    What worlds can you go to in Birth By sleep? It depends on who your starting the game with. Does world of warcraft go on your harddrive? The best place to put

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