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How can I have a shared dream?

Also known as mutual dreaming, dream linking, or meshing, shared dreaming can be an amazing experience! It often occurs spontaneously between couples, siblings or close friends! If you want to try to make it happen, everyone involved should decide on a specific question or topic you all would like to know about! Then repeat the phrase over and over as you all go to sleep! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gary Reply:

    Sharing a passion or interest with someone is a wonderful way to bond. Fulfilling a dream with someone you love or care for can become a life journey you set out to Talk with others who have fulfilled a similar passion to your own. Source:

  2. Henrietta Reply:

    Shared Dream. You can enter this dream by being with other dreamers when you induce your dreamworld. Get at least one friend to play Inception the App on

  3. Lasonya Reply:

    What was in the new territory. Source:

  4. Kera Reply:

    Tell them. Or ask either Christopher Nolan or Leonardo Dicaprio…They’ll know the answer Source:

  5. Larraine Reply:

    about their goals and living life to the max lenning being mentally retarted gives great insite and color to the story Source:

  6. Renay Reply:

    can any psychic dream analyzer help to be my late husband. I admit this man didn me with my shared dream I had a dream of? A couple of nights ago a man who portrayed himself’t

  7. Melinda Reply:

    That has happened to me several times! The worst was when I was sleeping over at my boyfriends at the time, and we both dreamed about huge black spiders on the ceiling above us! We both woke up screaming at the same time, and naturally because both of us had seen the spiders, we thought it was real! It took a long time for us to calm down!No, I cant think of any scientific explanation for it either! We hadnt seen a movie about spiders, or talked about spiders, or seen an ordinary spider before going to bed, or anything like that!

  8. Georgetta Reply:

    Dream sharing and interpretation often have important effects on other cultural structures. In fact, there is a mutual influence between dreaming and culture.

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