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How can I stop myself from talking in my sleep?

One possible way to stop talking in your sleep is to wear a mouth guard or retainer in your mouth when u sleep! That may help! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kimbery Reply:

    My son replied, "I'd like her to stop yelling at me when she gets upset." 2 Afterward, I felt so good about myself for not yelling. Some children simply talk in their sleep, whereas others walk around and have even been known to leave the Source:

  2. Ellen Reply:

    This could be cause by stress. just try to relax and don’t have a busy schedule. or they all say "what did you eat before you wen to bed?" -but i don’t believe food could cause it.

  3. Ollie Reply:

    Boy woes If it is just a response to all boys, try to acquire some friends who are guys. After you talk with them a couple times, share some conversations, the blushing should subside. Or, place yourself in their vicinity so you can get use… Source:

  4. Ryann Reply:

    It is very hard to control talking in your sleep. Some people will get mouthpieces in extreme cases or try exercising as a way to reduce stress which is believed to cause some talking in sleep. Source:

  5. Raisa Reply:

    The number one way of stopping sleep talking is to develop a routine on getting a good night sleep. If you do all the things recommended for that it should stop your sleep talking. Things like watch what you eat before bed and developing go… Source:

  6. Asuncion Reply:

    How do I stop talking in. I have had a few my sleep? My friend recently said that “We are moving to Paris” Than took her pillow and in my sleep I said threw it on the floor c

  7. Rosette Reply:

    i know how you feel, i talk in my sleep too, i usually try and drink less caffene b4 bed and try to get a good sleep habit goin, like goin to bed the same time every night etc

  8. Adrienne Reply:

    My 6 year old daughter talks & walks in her sleep. I have found nothing to stop it. I myself am 28 & still talk in my sleep. Answer. It's very normal for children

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