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How can someone die in there sleep?

One of the most common instances for death during sleep is sleep apnea! People with sleep apnea stop breathing for 10 seconds or longer during sleep! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rheba Reply:

    Can a Person Die From Sleep Apnea?. Sleep Therefore, it is essential that people who suffer from daytime sleepiness or believe they have sleep apnea seek Source:

  2. Katheleen Reply:

    I’m aware that died in his/her sleep is often a euphemism but is it I have anecdotal evidence only. When my great-grandmother died in her

  3. Cecil Reply:

    You can’t force or make someone sleep with out drugs. You can make them comfortable, and read to them softly in some not too bright light to encourage them to fall asleep on their own. Source:

  4. Ryann Reply:

    To put someone to sleep just hold a boring conversation. But if you are thinking of putting someone to sleep for some sinister reason–forget it. Source:

  5. Senaida Reply:

    To drug someone to sleep, you would need to give them sleeping medication. You can mix this medication with applesauce, pudding, or another soft food. This isn’t something you should do if it is not the persons prescribed medicine. Source:

  6. Loraine Reply:

    hey was just wondering what would essay i think it should be the most fastest and / die during sleep? hey i dont wana die most unpainful way to die, just asking for a weird

  7. Winifred Reply:

    Absolutely a person can have a silent heart attack and die in their sleep! People who have end stage cancer many times die in their sleep

  8. Tammi Reply:

    How long can you go without sleeping before you die? There is some sort of a condition (very very rare), where the brain won't realease the chemicals needed

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