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How can you make yourself go to sleep quick?

Exercise during the day, get into a sleep cycle so that your body is used to sleeping at the same time each night, avoid caffeine! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leticia Reply:

    There are some people that can be out as soon as their head hits the pillow. Then are there are some people who toss and turn for hours trying to go to sleep. time, there is a way to make yourself sleepy by following some good strategies. Source:

  2. Hyun Reply:

    Dec 22, 2007 What can make me go to sleep fast? this week so far it took at least an hour or 2 to go to sleep. its terrible. Sometimes it takes so long, it gets

  3. Genna Reply:

    Have a restful cup of tea before bedtime. Source:

  4. Anissa Reply:

    Turn on a boring documentary,cover up in blankets. If that doesn’t work, try warm tea or warm milk sprinkled with cinnamon. Hope I helped! Source:

  5. Sanda Reply:

    environment – Stick to a consistent sleep schedule so that your body adjusts to a regular sleep pattern. Turn off your lights so that your sleeping environment is dark. Turn off your radio or television when you are ready to sleep so that y… Source:

  6. Debbra Reply:

    Im not sleeping well. quick and easy ways to make yourself go to sleep make yourself go to sleep? Im not sleeping well. quick and easy ways to? i cant sleep very well at night

  7. Evangelina Reply:

    Question 1: Music!!!thats what I do! Just put on something that gets me dancing! Also, taking a multivitamin can give you a bit of an energy boost! So on days you want to stay up late, wait till nighttime to take it! Question 2: Make sure your room is nice and cool temperature, comfy blankets, dark room, no distractions, drink a glass or 2 of water, and lie in bed thinking about some peacefullness that makes you happy! For instance, I like to put myself on some tropical island meeting the man of my dreams!!! just kinda like daydream and play out something relaxing!!!it really does work! Especially after a while! Its as if every time I let myself daydream about that place I get sleepy and will fall asleep fast! O, and dont drink/eat anything with caffeine or that has much sugar in it like 4 or 5 hours before you want to sleep! Question 3: Agreed! You definately just described Sleep paralysis! Its more common than people think! In my psych! class I remember something like 2% of people get it! The best thing you can do, as we learned, just as you already do, is move your fingers and toes, and around 20, 30 seconds later you should be able to move your whole body! Ive had that before on numerous occasions as well, it is very scary at first! But relax, its just your mind becoming awake before it can tell your body to be awake after waking up from sleep! Your bodys timing is just off! Nothing serious!

  8. Fannie Reply:

    Don't eat breakfast Exercise to make yourself tired, then eat a large lunch, then exercise some more and eat a large dinner, then go to sleep. Eating large

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