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How come after I sleep my teeth feel weak?

Your teeth may feel weak from grinding during your sleep! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Chrissy Reply:

    Getting sick can mean that you have a weak immune system, are stressed out or are before eating, if you cough or sneeze, after going out and before going to sleep. If you are stressed out or feeling anxious, you are more likely to get sick. Do something every night before you get in bed, such as brushing your teeth, Source:

  2. Clarissa Reply:

    Expect to feel weak for 3 to 5 days and to feel pretty normal in a week to 10 days. Complete Q. I went to a dentist right after all of my wisdom teeth came in.

  3. Essie Reply:

    If you are not used to drinking hot liquids, it could be because your tongue is not used to feeling warm teeth. Source:

  4. Fredericka Reply:

    When you cry, the stress chemicals manganese & prolactin are released in your tears. This is thought to relieve tension by balancing the body’s stress levels & eliminating buildup of the chemicals, which then relaxes you & sometimes makes y… Source:

  5. Nubia Reply:

    Its not weak, actually its relax. Ex: When we came from work and lay on sofa for relax, after couple of minutes when we try to stand up we feel very lazy, its not weak but it is because of body relaxation. Source:

  6. Lizeth Reply:

    My symptoms started one year ago and teeth. Now a year later I, with everything I mentioned above about 3 months but the. Then things got better after pain staid in my jaws f

  7. Danyelle Reply:

    Oh wow! Well its weird enough I will give you that! Your tenses are all over the place though! Chose past or present and stick to it!

  8. Lawrence Reply:

    You can get sick from the day of conception to 1-3 week after conception, for the next three weeks if they come back negative because my doctor says it is Yes it can also make you feel weak and have no engery. Don't brush your teeth .

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