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How come i cant sleep?

Take a look at your life and sleeping habits to see what might be causing your insomnia! Sometimes the answer might be as!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Brigitte Reply:

    They can't study effectively and so do badly on tests. enough to read it, make sure to bookmark it so you can come back to it when you wake up. Each time you go to sleep with a book in your hands, your brain registers that and thinks that's Source:

  2. Claudia Reply:

    This is something that a lot of people adults mainly, suffer from, the best answer i can give you is if you say, go to bed about then start by having a hot cup of chocolate 10 Min’s before going to bed. make a Point of gradually going

  3. Sena Reply:

    Turn off all distractions. Playing on the computer and having bright lights and the television on will stimulate your brain. Turn them off at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Do something that relaxes you. Many people who suffer from … Source:

  4. Taneka Reply:

    You may need to quiet your mind. One method for this is to have someone read to you. My wife has trouble sleeping, but falls off very quickly if I read to her. She says my voice is soothing. Whatever it is, it certainly relaxes her. She ask… Source:'t_sleep_at_night

  5. Celia Reply:

    There are few reasons that pregnancy may be difficult for you. In women with menstrual cycles of 28-35 days, ovulation happens once every cycle. Some women, though, have erratic cycles meaning fewer chances of getting pregnant. You may not … Source:'t_get_pregnant

  6. Katharine Reply:

    Slow Wave Sleep is the the. Back sleep prevents SWS in most restorative type of sleep infants. Is this safe? Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) is the combination of Stage 3 NREM Sleep and

  7. Marshall Reply:

    Ive heard of this before! I forgot what its called, but some people get depressed or anxious on Sundays because the weekends over! If you think you have that, maybe try thinking about things you look foreword to in the week! Otherwise, your sleeping pattern could be messed up!

  8. Elmer Reply:

    Relevant answers: How come you sleep in late? because youre tired. How come you can't sleep at night? You may need to quiet your mind. One method for this

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