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How do I go back to sleep?

If you can’t get back to sleep, the best thing to do is go for a walk! Walk at least 15 minutes, and then shower! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rosalva Reply:

    How to Go Back to Sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night can be frustrating, especially if you have a big day planned to start in the morning. Going back to a Source:

  2. Blondell Reply:

    To go to sleep faster, exercise during the day, relax, avoid stress, and drink warm milk, only use your bed for sleeping, as you only want to think of sleep!

  3. Jeremy Reply:

    The only way you can go back in time is in your imagination. Time machines do not really exist. Though people have tried to make them, it has never worked. Source:

  4. Bethanie Reply:

    If you have trouble sleeping when you get in bed each night, just follow these steps. No exercise or caffeine drinks 3 hours before bedtime. No TV 30 minutes before bedtime. Eat a small carb snack (2 cookies and small glass of milk) 1 hour … Source:

  5. Janeth Reply:

    Going to sleep faster requires you to just do it. Laying there thinking about going to sleep doesn’t help you any. When you are laying in bed, try to imagine your mind as a trash can. And any time a thought pops into your head, you immediat… Source:

  6. Carmella Reply:

    Slow Wave Sleep is the the. Back sleep prevents SWS in most restorative type of sleep infants. Is this safe? Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) is the combination of Stage 3 NREM Sleep and

  7. Enid Reply:

    Hey there, while it is completely natural for parents to have sex I know it can be rather disturbing for the fellows members of the household! I have a problem from being awoken by things, my sister across the hallway talks quite loudly in her sleep and it isnt of anything pleasant! So I went to Home Depot, or you could go to any hardware store and buy ear plugs! I dont mean those weird little things! The kind I use (I forget the brand name) have a blue rubber wire connecting to yellow plugs on each end! They basically fit to any ear size and silence the outside out and arent painful in the least!Though the kind I bought came with goggles, you may have to look for that minor set if they arent singled out! But that worked for me, and I live in a small house with thin walls, haha!If now, then a room swap is a decent choice, though it takes time and work! I dont know if you are as lazy as me so I cant really say how good of an idea that is! Try the ear plugs, sleeping with music doesnt help! It usually keeps the brain awake or wakes you up by certain beats and or the pitch of voices!I hope all works out!

  8. Ashanti Reply:

    cant go back to sleep. just turn on your TV and turn around away from the TV and close your eyes, trust me i always do that same thing almost every night

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