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How do i keep from stressing myself out?

Learn to relax and breathe to reduce stress! Make sure you are not over scheduled, and eat right, exercise, and get good sleep! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Janelle Reply:

    Stop worrying so much because worrying only makes stress worse. so sometimes stopping stress fast requires you take a step back and give yourself space Drink a cup of hot black tea and put ear plugs in your ears to shut out noise from Source:

  2. Lorenza Reply:

    Jan 25, 2011 Rather than getting stressed out about sitting in traffic, look at it as an opportunity This is a conversation I have with myself several times each week as I Stop trying to remember everything; start taking notes or making lists.

  3. Patrica Reply:

    First, try to find out the source of your stress. If this doesn’t come easily then maybe you’re just so stressed out that your thoughts don’t seem to be cooperating. This is a big issue because if you are needed in an important situation, y… Source:

  4. Anita Reply:

    Timeout: This is one of the biggest things that everyone who gets stressed out needs to learn to do. Taking a timeout means completely and totally divorcing yourself from the cause of said stress. Whatever the reason may be; whether it be p… Source:

  5. Darcey Reply:

    Take control. In every situation we have those things we can change and those we can’t. Take control of the situation and stop any stress by halting anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. This could be as easy as avoiding a confrontati… Source:

  6. Ivonne Reply:

    School is stressing me out way too much.. How do I stop myself from stressing? I’m 14 and I’m in the 9th grade. School is stressing me out so much recently. When the second se

  7. Selina Reply:

    Find out why youre stressed about it! Do you not know the material?? Does it seem like too much to do in the time you have?? Do you think you are missing other things while youre working on the assignment??Find out what the problem is and address it! Eat something (healthy-ish) before you start so your body has energy, have your schedule clear so you can work without distraction or worries, be familiar with the material and/or find someone who can help or guide you! Outline ahead of time what you want to do or think you can get done during certain times, and try to stick to it! If youre staring at a paper, book or computer screen, make sure you look away at something every few minutes to relieve eye stress! Stand up and walk around (to the fridge for some water, or whatever) every 30-45 minutes!If you find yourself getting stressed, sit back, close your eyes, breathe deep several times, and think about what the source of the stress is, then deal with it!

  8. Numbers Reply:

    you feel overwhelmed stop right there take in a deep breath then figure out a way to change What sociological perspective stresses that age has no inherent meaning and that How do you keep yourself from eating if you starve yourself?

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