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How do I sleep with my eyes open?

Open-eyed sleeping – called nocturnal lagophthalmos in medical-speak – is harmless! How you do it is a medical wonder! I couldn’t! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lakeisha Reply:

    How to prevent dry eyes for people who sleep with their eyes open, lagophthalmos. Sleeping with How to Hold My Mouth Closed While Sleeping. Sleeping Source:

  2. Debi Reply:

    First of all, even if you could learn to sleep with your eyes open, the health of your eyes would be jeopardized. They would literally dry out causing a great deal of damage to the cornea, retina, etc. When we fall asleep, neurotransmitters

  3. Dorla Reply:

    The animals that sleep with their eyes open are Snakes, Fish, Insects and Guinea pigs there are many more as well. Source:

  4. Sarai Reply:

    To open your ‘third eye’ as it is called, you need to clear your mind. You can do this with meditation, prayer or yoga. Pay attention to your breath. Calm your thinking. Source:

  5. Donya Reply:

    No one can 100% sleep with their eyes open. You can rest with the eyes half shut, however, for them to be completely open, would not be beneficial to the eye, since we have to blink our eyes to moisten them. I wouldn’t try doing this outsid… Source:

  6. Yuk Reply:

    What can I do for my old, the first time was sh 5 yr old daughter who wide open while sleeping? This has been going on sleep talk, sleep cry and has eyes since she was 1 years

  7. Janette Reply:

    Your brain is not dying but you need to improve your living and thinking habits! Try looking up, studying and applying Ben Franklins 12 virtues plus one as given in the January/February 2009 issue of the Saturday Evening Post!

  8. Cinda Reply:

    My Great Grandma used to sleep with her eyes open all the time. I'm Melinda and i sleep with my eyes open. some people can sleep with their eyes partially

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