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How do we dream?

Dreaming takes place during REM sleep, when EEG activity of the brain resembles the awake but resting pattern! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rosaline Reply:

    Encourage the dreamer to keep a dream journal so she can become more familiar with her subconscious. By doing this, you will also get her to associate her Source:

  2. Lissette Reply:

    We dream when we are agitated or disturbed about something that may have happened during the day. Also, eating too late in the evening can make you have dreams at night. Source:

  3. Kaitlin Reply:

    There is no proven reason why we dream. There are different theories, but the most popular is Freud’s theory that our dreams are our wishes together with whatever activity we did that day. Source:

  4. Mora Reply:

    We dream because it is our feelings that come out from our subconscious mind. That is where are deepest thoughts, fears, and feelings are stored. If you have dreams of falling you might be having feelings of not being successful or somethin… Source:

  5. Hana Reply:

    Ever go thru a day and it the night before. Sort of like ground Hog feel like you were dreaming day without being able to change it?

  6. Marlyn Reply:

    This is an excerpt from an earlier similar question that was asked on here, my answer was:It is rare for someone to lie down one night and just lucid dream!It takes preparation for many!I suggest you and others interested in lucid dreaming check out Dreamviews for more information!Lucid dreaming is not dangerous!A god technique for lucid dreaming is:: By plugging your nose throughout the day and trying to breathe through your now plugged nose (you will find this to be impossible) you can build a conditioned response that may follow you into the dream world! Plug your nose – try breathing through your plugged nose – unplug your nose – breathe through your now unplugged nose!Very simple! Repeat this 3 times an hour! It takes no more than 5 – 10 seconds at a time and when you dream, you may find your dream self trying the nose plug technique! Upon trying the technique while in a dream you will feel the sensation of breath flowing through your nose – even though it is plugged with your fingers! The anomaly will trigger a reality check in your dream and you should become aware at that moment that you cannot possibly be in this waking reality and breathing through a plugged nose!At that moment , lucidity is usally achieved and from there it is up to you!As for shared dreams – i cannot confirm or deny the possibility! As well, I personally believe that there is a reasonable amount of probability that a joint dream can take place if both parties are completely focused on attaining that goal! I have not experienced for myself so I cannot say! It may even happen by chance – but those chances have a far less probability of happening!Keep focused on your dreams first thing in the morning and try recalling the dream you had the night before when you are about to sleep again for the night! Good Luck!

  7. Dinah Reply:

    Why do we dream? What purpose do dreams serve? While many theories have been proposed, not single consensus has emerged. Considering the enormous

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