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How do you fall asleep faster without sleeping pills?

Clean and Simple ~ A cluttered room will fuel a cluttered mind! White Noise ~ A consistent, calming sound throughout the night is very helpful for some people (radio or fan)! No TV in the Bedroom, make sure it is as dark as you can make it! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Hyun Reply:

    How to Go to Sleep without Drugs or Sleeping Pills. Before you finish your first page, you will be fast asleep. 5 How to Fall Asleep Faster Without Drugs Source:

  2. Tawny Reply:

    Wake up early, be active, don’t nap. "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." an old saying that means take care of business at hand. Worry can really keep me up. If you’re old enough, have a drink or two. Read something boring.

  3. Emiko Reply:

    Everyone wants to fall asleep fast every night. However, there are days where you cannot sleep without any aid. There are lots of over the counter and prescription medicine that helps you fall asleep faster. But these drugs will make the us… Source:

  4. Retta Reply:

    Try drinking a night-time tea along with muscle relaxation and breathing techniques. Source:

  5. Jeanetta Reply:

    Turn off the lights. If you sleep during the day, make sure the curtains are closed. Shut the door to block out any extra light. Set the temperature to a nice, even setting. Not too cool, not too warm. Put on some comfy sleeping clothes and… Source:

  6. Carlee Reply:

    I am looking for sleeping pills ambien but i do have to help me fall asleep? i prob cant warrant anything fast and keep me asleep for a true prescription like trouble sleeping

  7. Meghann Reply:

    try melatonin! It is the natural chemical you body produces to make you fall asleep! It is not like tylenol pm or advil pm and will not in the future give you kidney disease! It works great for me

  8. Odell Reply:

    Insomnia is a problem faced by many Americans. Sleeping pills are a good short term solution, but as your body adjusts to their effects, you will find that they

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