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How do you fall asleep when you can’t sleep?

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  1. Chana Reply:

    Ways to Fall Asleep When You Can't Sleep. A good night's sleep is important to optimal health. While you sleep, your body recuperates and repairs itself from Source:

  2. Zandra Reply:

    1) Read good books lying on the bed which relaxes mind and sleep just like that. 2) Listen mild music. There are so many sleeping music albums available in shops. 3) Excercise lightly everday and so that body gets tired and sleep will take

  3. Kasi Reply:

    Everyone wants to fall asleep fast every night. However, there are days where you cannot sleep without any aid. There are lots of over the counter and prescription medicine that helps you fall asleep faster. But these drugs will make the us… Source:

  4. Whitney Reply:

    Taking a warm bath is great in helping to fall asleep. The hot water relaxes you and puts your bones at ease. Also try chamomile lotions and teas. Source:

  5. Lorie Reply:

    You can fall asleep by drinking a warm glass of milk, reading a good book, listening to the calm of your own mind. Try relaxing a hour before bedtime and you will see how fast you fall asleep. Source:

  6. Hermila Reply:

    what is the best over the counter sleep aid to help? i cannot take anymore tylenol fall asleep and stay asleep pm and melatonin doesn’t work at all so i am looking for somethi

  7. Naida Reply:

    Ive had this same exact problem! Being a paramedic i work the most awkward hours and cant sleep! Which gets really dangerous when youre performing pre- hospital care! I tried all the sleep meds that a sleep specialist wrote scripts for and nothing worked! And if they did work it did more harm than good! Only thing that Ive tried that worked and had no side effects was melatonin! One of my friends (a surgeon) gave me some! They are all natural and have no side effects! Melatonin is what your body would be lacking if you cant sleep! Its natural and already in your body! I would give that a try! Or light therapy ( another natural way)!You can buy melatonin at almost any pharmacy or GNC! Also the light therapy you can buy some equipment fairly cheap on amazon!

  8. Latrisha Reply:

    What can I do if i can't fall asleep at all? first try to be in a quiet room with not that much light. try reading a book before you go to sleep for atleast 5 minutes that

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