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How do you get to sleep when you cant get to sleep?

Kick the Caffeine! It’s not rocket science that caffeine keeps your body awake! It’s a stimulant, which is why a lot of us stay awake! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ayana Reply:

    If you are having difficulty getting to sleep at night, try How to Sleep Better at Night Get a Good Nights Sleep You probably can't get rich from any of these. Source:

  2. Donella Reply:

    To sleep faster, write down what’s keeping you awake in a journal. When you’re done, close the book and put it away.

  3. Gerry Reply:

    Try these methods: Listen to some soothing music. Nothing loud that keeps you awake. Do NOT sleep with a full stomach. Before you sleep, drink some warm milk. Close you eyes and ‘day dream’. Eventually your mind will wander off and let you … Source:

  4. Trudy Reply:

    Sleep can be so many things, blissful to elusive. You can sleep in a bed, in a chair, in the passenger seat of a car, in a hotel, in a plane, in a train and some people can sleep anywhere. The simplest of answers is to just close your eyes,… Source:

  5. Burma Reply:

    Sleep is when your mind and body go into a deep, deep relaxation. When you are sleeping, you are in the process of recharging and rejuvenating yourself. REM sleep is when dreaming typically occurs. Source:

  6. Krystyna Reply:

    Slow Wave Sleep is the the. Back sleep prevents SWS in most restorative type of sleep infants. Is this safe? Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) is the combination of Stage 3 NREM Sleep and

  7. Priscilla Reply:

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  8. Shavon Reply:

    Well, it is best to play some nice soft music, if that doesn't work then just think about nice gentle soft things and finally if that doesn't work just lay in bed and close

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