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How do you go to sleep easier?

To go to sleep easier, make sure you cut out caffeine 4-5 hours before bed, and practice stress relief techniques! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ka Reply:

    Go to Sleep Fast. Flag this photo. Having trouble getting to sleep? Try these tips to help you go to sleep faster. Related Searches: Difficulty: Easy Source:

  2. Dede Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: A small snack, drinking warm beverages including milk & deep breathing will help.

  3. Maritza Reply:

    Going to sleep faster requires you to just do it. Laying there thinking about going to sleep doesn’t help you any. When you are laying in bed, try to imagine your mind as a trash can. And any time a thought pops into your head, you immediat… Source:

  4. Trinity Reply:

    If you have trouble sleeping when you get in bed each night, just follow these steps. No exercise or caffeine drinks 3 hours before bedtime. No TV 30 minutes before bedtime. Eat a small carb snack (2 cookies and small glass of milk) 1 hour … Source:

  5. Eva Reply:

    You should put a tape/CD/radio on. Listen to whatever you put on and just let yourself get to sleep. It works! Source:

  6. Telma Reply:

    can i use an inhaler for my sleep apnea. i guess this should make breathing easier for while i sleep at night?

  7. Frieda Reply:

    Youre not tired enough thats why you have trouble!Do lots of exercise and get lots of sunlight, and go to bed a bit later!only little kids need that much sleep!

  8. An Reply:

    What the easiest way to go abroad? That depends on where you start from. What is an easier way to go to sleep? You should put a tape/CD/radio on. Listen to

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