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How do you have good dreams?

If you do not want to have scary dreams, before you go to sleep, mentally state that, I do not want to have scary dreams! (MORE) Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ivonne Reply:

    Dreams have always been a mystery. Many people think the cause of dreams is a psychological imbalance or a suppressed desire wanting to escape their inner Source:

  2. Joyce Reply:

    If you do not want to have scary dreams, before you go to sleep, mentally state that, I do not want to have scary dreams. (MORE)

  3. Gaynell Reply:

    When you sleep, you sometimes imagine stories in your mind. They usually make a lot of sense at the time, but when you wake up, they don’t make much sense at all, and are often comical to retell to friends. Source:

  4. Lovella Reply:

    Dreams are occurrences of ideas, emotions, visual imagery, and other sensations that occur during sleep. Some dreams may be recalled on awakening and others may not be. Source:

  5. Venita Reply:

    A dream is a series of feelings, emotions, images, ideas, and thoughts that happen involuntarily when we sleep. It can be defined as a hope that we may have. I dream that someday I will not have to work so hard. Source:

  6. Harriett Reply:

    I had a great dream… My hb and I moved to Albuquerque, NM and I went to clinic that was in a work for a new weightloss beautiful setting up in the NE Heights. It was green a

  7. Lezlie Reply:

    Dreams are peculiar things, but freud and jung both (through their own practices) believe that dreams are actually our mind dealing with not getting what we want during the day! Not all these desires are conscious, but they are there! Id say, it really depends on what kind of bad dream it is! There are actual levels of bad dreams that escalate into night terrors and nightmares, etc! If its just a bad dream, then during the day, purposely focus on the things you get during the day that you actually wanted! Wish fulfillment, and I dont mean before you go to bed, I mean during the day! I know its not an easy answer, but it will work!Good Luck!

  8. Kelsi Reply:

    Only if you are a daddies. Is it more likely to get a good dream or bad dream? it maters if your good or bad. What foods can cause good dreams? bananas !

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