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How do you make yourself fall asleep?

You could exercise, drink warm milk, take sleeping pills, all these things would help you fall asleep! On! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Fallon Reply:

    Into Falling Asleep. Figure out how to trick yourself into falling asleep. The idea is to make sure that sight is no longer taking place in your thought process. Source:

  2. Roxie Reply:

    Make your room as quiet and dark as possible. Arrange pillows and blankets to be as comfortable as possible. Then, what I do is slowly go over your day in your head. Think about tomorrow and what you have to do. Think slow, relaxing, repeti

  3. Kathy Reply:

    If you have problems sleeping because you have to much on your mind, try and clear it while your falling asleep. This may sound funny but counting numbers or sheep really help. It takes everything off your mind and sooner or later you will … Source:

  4. Mayme Reply:

    Warm yourself a cup of hot chamomile tea. Use as little honey and sugar as possible. Pick out a book that you have read before. A new book may tend to wake up and excite your mind and make you want to keep reading more. Lay in bed, make sur… Source:

  5. Sharice Reply:

    Figure out how to trick yourself into falling asleep. Source:

  6. Lana Reply:

    Pregnancy insomnia, NOTHING works to make me fall asleep! or stay asleep!? I am 34 weeks pregnant, almost 35 weeks. I cant sleep! nothing works to make me fall asleep, and whe

  7. Marla Reply:

    Get drunk as hell, take a pill and pass out! Thats the ONLY thing I can ever do to fall asleep faster! I also would say to Pray! For some reason when I do try to Pray (if I can) I usually fall asleep doing that! Do some exercises or turn on some Classical music! It is peaceful and it helped Me before! Try reading this boring answer and Youll get very tired and probably fall asleep doing that! Count sheep or count how many times You blink! I dont know but stick with My 1st answer!Good Luck though

  8. Elenor Reply:

    Can you make yourself fall asleep? Tkmallet: What I do is Turn on a big loud fan ( I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY) or something that has a LOUD noise (Fans are

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