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How long can a person go without sleep?

As of today, the Guinness record is 449 hours! Rats have died in studies from not sleeping, no human deaths have been reported! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jaimee Reply:

    This is a problem many people face everyday. Sometimes the Whatever causes you to have no sleep heading in to work, it does not matter. You still need no sleep. 5. Go to the coffee pot as soon as it is done brewing and fill your cup up. Source:

  2. Merilyn Reply:

    Many people wonder how long a person can go without sleep but the answer truly varies, depending on the person. You won’t die directly from insomnia, but more from a disease that occurs due to your weakened immune system. For more informati… Source:

  3. Paola Reply:

    This depends on each person individually. You probably shouldn’t try to go without sleep for more than 48 hours or your body might shut down. Source:

  4. Deandra Reply:

    There have been people that have gone as long as eleven days without sleep. This is not normal and not healthy. As you lose sleep your thinking will suffer and your reflexes will slow down. At some point you will even start to hallucinate. Source:

  5. Norine Reply:

    How long does a person have to be deprived of sleep of sleep deprivation? this is for an article before he or she dies, and i can’t find any related info on google…(so i’m a

  6. Melia Reply:

    Ive heard of ppl staying up for 3 days! Ive only gone 48 hours; careful could be bad i read articles of ppl playing game like WoW for days w/o sleep and had seizures!

  7. Venita Reply:

    But about sixty years later we began experimenting on how long a human body could go without sleeping. Randy Gardner, a 17-year-old high-school student

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