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How long can I live without sleep?

In May 2007 a British man named Tony Wright stayed awake for 266 hours, just a little more than 11 days! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lavada Reply:

    Dogs can go without urinating for a few hours after meals. Properly How long a dog can go without urination can depend on the amount of water it drinks during the day. If your dog is In general, dogs prefer not to soil their sleep areas. Source:

  2. Dusty Reply:

    In 1959 Peter Tripp stayed up for more than eight days. In 1964 Randy Gardner stayed up for more than eleven days. After a few days, both of them became paranoid and began to hallucinate. Look here for more information:

  3. Beckie Reply:

    Currently the world record, although un-recorded by Guinness due to health concerns, is over 11 days. However, immediately after setting that record, it was broken by someone else who outdid him by 11 hours. But some chronic insomniacs have… Source:

  4. Shonda Reply:

    You might be surprised to know that many people today have a lot of acquaintances but many true friends. If you want friends then you should try and find people with similar interests to yours. Source:

  5. Karren Reply:

    The answer to that is unknown. They have done studies with rats and found that they die after about 28 days without sleep. The feeling is that humans would not live more than 14 days with total sleep deprivation. Source:

  6. Lorie Reply:

    How Long Will I Live if I Can’t Eat or Sleep? I have deblitating depression, a vomiting phobia, constipation, procrastination, bad breath, fear of people, and anxiety. I need

  7. Rosia Reply:

    It depends, but total sleep deprivation usually leads to death within 2-3 weeks! You will probably start hallucinating by the fourth or fifth day! For each day you go without sleep, your mental abilities (including reaction time, concentration, decision making, etc!) decrease!

  8. Verdell Reply:

    But about sixty years later we began experimenting on how long a human body could go without sleeping. Randy Gardner, a 17-year-old high-school student

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