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How long can you go without sleep?

One night without sleep can heavily affect a person! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Opal Reply:

    This will keep your mind active and will keep you awake with no sleep. 5. Go to the coffee pot as soon as it is done brewing and fill your cup up. Repeat this step Source:

  2. Luanne Reply:

    This depends on each person individually. You probably shouldn’t try to go without sleep for more than 48 hours or your body might shut down.

  3. Christine Reply:

    Many people wonder how long a person can go without sleep but the answer truly varies, depending on the person. You won’t die directly from insomnia, but more from a disease that occurs due to your weakened immune system. For more informati… Source:

  4. Juliet Reply:

    There have been people that have gone as long as eleven days without sleep. This is not normal and not healthy. As you lose sleep your thinking will suffer and your reflexes will slow down. At some point you will even start to hallucinate. Source:

  5. Coretta Reply:

    Currently the world record, although un-recorded by Guinness due to health concerns, is over 11 days. However, immediately after setting that record, it was broken by someone else who outdid him by 11 hours. But some chronic insomniacs have… Source:

  6. Thomasine Reply:

    Does the spinfaktor hg yo-yo sleep as long as the hit man(non hybrid)? How long do they sleep? Both yo-yos are made by Yoyojam.

  7. Donna Reply:

    I took some diet pills from the diet doc!I wanted to lose ten pds fast,so i took 4 pills!HUGE mistake,i stayed up for 4 days by no means could i sleep!Yes u can go insane its called sleep deprivation,i always believed in the higher power(GOD)still do,however by the 3rd day i was convinced there was no God! I was losing it,anyway to finish the story I ask GOD to let me know if he was there 4 sure, he did! There, i wish this on no one i knew i had to stay in my room and I couldnt talk to no one or they would really think i was gone u know what, i was!True story it deserves 10 points,cause u got me to relive an efn nightmare because i rote all this i hate typing! Kidding about the 10pt thing,please give it to the kid,he/she answered 1st,we need rest of course or wed have a heart attack,rest 4 the weary,even God rested the dead!

  8. Claudia Reply:

    There may be some people who claim that they need no sleep at all, but you will began experimenting on how long a human body could go without sleeping.

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