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How long do you sleep?

Personally I sleep about 6 hours but 8 hours is what the experts say you should get every night! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Otilia Reply:

    How Long Should You Sleep?. A good night's sleep is vital to your productivity, mood and your health. Sleep deprivation is a growing problem as people Source:

  2. Sau Reply:

    Between 5 and 7 hours,,depends

  3. Kari Reply:

    To put someone to sleep just hold a boring conversation. But if you are thinking of putting someone to sleep for some sinister reason–forget it. Source:

  4. Golden Reply:

    Sleep is when your mind and body go into a deep, deep relaxation. When you are sleeping, you are in the process of recharging and rejuvenating yourself. REM sleep is when dreaming typically occurs. Source:

  5. Noella Reply:

    Sleep can be so many things, blissful to elusive. You can sleep in a bed, in a chair, in the passenger seat of a car, in a hotel, in a plane, in a train and some people can sleep anywhere. The simplest of answers is to just close your eyes,… Source:

  6. Meri Reply:

    Does the spinfaktor hg yo-yo sleep as long as the hit man(non hybrid)? How long do they sleep? Both yo-yos are made by Yoyojam.

  7. Catheryn Reply:

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  8. Inell Reply:

    Your body needs time to relax and loosen up before you fall asleep. How long should teenagers sleep? How long should a goldfish sleep? Fish do not sleep as

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