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How long does it take for you to fall asleep after you yawn?

Yawning a sign of your body fighting to stay awake, because it really needs to go to sleep! The extra oxygen gives you a very short-term boost of energy! This will most likely only last a short while! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Andree Reply:

    The repeated swallowing will help pop your ears. 5. Yawn wide. Don't fall asleep unless you've had a decongestant. Your ears won't pop automatically. Source:

  2. Luana Reply:

    It takes only one person to convince you to go to party but at least four strong men to get After eight drinks your “hugs” bear an uncanny resemblance to UFC take -downs. You fall off the wagon and it backs up and runs you over a couple times. . Your friends often substitute “Good night” with “Hey, you can’t sleep here.”

  3. Elizbeth Reply:

    They are happy and relaxed. And have just released lots of energy by ejaculating. It is very normal. Answer: Probably because they’re exhausted from being on top of or behind a woman, providing the bulk of the expended energy during interco… Source:

  4. Angla Reply:

    1 Prevent the early wake-ups by eliminating activities that contribute to disturbing your sleep. Poor habits that can cause insomnia include an inconsistent sleep routine, eating late at night, computer usage close to bedtime, or excessive … Source:

  5. Debby Reply:

    Nature has arranged so that after orgasm there is a period of relaxation. the same applies to the way most men feel. However in the case of women there is an added benefit to this feeling. she lays back and does not stand up immediately mak… Source:

  6. Refugio Reply:

    *yawn*Tried to fall asleep and could not.What thoughts would surely make me have some zzzzzzz’s?!?

  7. Jule Reply:

    Your doctors method is a lot like what we went through, and it can be a rough ride for mom and dad! Start by bath, and story and snuggle, but dont let her fall asleep in your arms! Lay her down in her crib (awake)! Let her cry- I know its hard, but its ok! You know she is safe, dry and fed, so its really ok! If she is still crying in 5 minutes, go back in, lay her down (if she is standing), say goodnight and walk out! Repeat until she falls asleep! The trick is to let her self sooth, but keep her from feeling abandoned! Pick a routine and a set bedtime and stick with it at least two weeks, dont mix it up and dont let her set the schedule! You pick it and once its routine, it should work out! Try not to stimulate her; dont sing, dont chat, dont give in (no matter how sad her tear stained little face is)! She needs to learn to self sooth! Its an important tool for her life and its ok! I would stand outside my daughters room and cry myself, but she is six now and it was well worth the troubling 10 days and two nap times it took to get her to work it out! Good luck!

  8. Judith Reply:

    I didn't know he was married and didn't find out until many months after our If he wanted to leave his wife, he would have done so before he met you. He may even (happens in alot of cases) fall back in love even more with his wife as he Answer == I am a mistress and I imagine that the man I sleep with sleeps with his

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