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How many calories do you burn every hour while sleeping?

For every hour of sleep, the body burns about 50 – 53 calories depending on the weight of the individual! Not bad! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jutta Reply:

    For every hour of sleep, the body burns about 50 – 53 calories depending on the weight of How to Calculate How Many Calories You Burned While Running Source:

  2. Cristal Reply:

    For every hour of sleep, the body burns about 50 – 53 calories depending on the weight of the individual. Not bad!

  3. Jaclyn Reply:

    Supprisingly 1.5 calories Source:

  4. Myra Reply:

    You’ve been working hard all day on your diet to lose weight, so it only makes sense to add a little more effort into effectively losing weight by burning more calories while sleeping. Getting enough sleep helps people burn more calories at… Source:

  5. Vickey Reply:

    Typically, for every hour one sleeps, 53 calories are burned. So, if you sleep an average of 8 hours a night, you will burn 424 calories each night. People that are overweight will burn more calories while sleeping, while an underweight per… Source:

  6. Trinity Reply:

    If i burn 600 calories in 1.25 hours and If my frnd hour , will he burn more fat burns 600 calories in 1 ? Suppose our age gender weight and metabolism are same . I prefer to

  7. Candra Reply:

    In amateur you shouldnt worry about dieting to much! But I like to call what your doing Eating healthy! While you eat some oatmeal drink a protein shake! Buy casein protein powder and way iso! One is fast acting the other is long lasting! It helps keep your muscle where it is and makes it a little bit easier for muscle building! Another thing I would suggest is squat jumps you go down into a squat then you power up and jump off the ground! Here Ill give you a push up workout that I do! I realize your wrist is hurt but once it heals try it!25 normal push ups (biceps, depending on how you do normal)25 tight arm push ups (Bring elbows against ribcage and keep the arms tight to your body, triceps)25 wide arm push ups (Spread your arms wide for this chest workout)25 diamond chest push ups (make a diamond shape with your hands and place it directly under your chest, then push up, triceps)15 jump and clap plyo push ups (Push up in normal position then clap your hands)15 jumping plyo ppush ups (pushup and you want your whole body to leave the ground even your feet)10 static push ups (Down , then up for 20 seconds then back down then up for another 20 seconds, repeat 10 times)If you can do that exactly at first just start with: 15,15,15,15,10,10,5By the way your workout is very good!

  8. Sherrie Reply:

    While asleep it goes down to around 65-95 an hour, depending on sex, height, Answer it! How do the calories per 100g compare with the value given in a table of calorie yields of food? How many calories will you burn sleeping one hour?

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