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How many calories do you burn while you are sleeping?

The calories you burn depends on your weight and sleep time: 120 lbs x 8 hours sleep = 411 calories burned, 200 lbs x 8 hrs = 686! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ayana Reply:

    How Many Calories Do You Burn Sleeping? with Studio Group X and we're going to talk about exactly how many calories you burn while you're sleeping. Source:

  2. Yahaira Reply:

    A person burns about one calorie a minute while sleeping.

  3. Desiree Reply:

    its not possible to burn calories in your sleep because the body is slowing down(sleeping ——shutting down) that is also why pediatrics say never to eat right before you go to sleep because the bodies metabolism slows down around 7 o’clo… Source:

  4. Adam Reply:

    Sleeping is something that we all do. When we are sleeping we do burn calories. On average you burn about 37 calories an hour. So if you sleep for 8 hours you will burn about 296 caloris. Source:

  5. Virginia Reply:

    You’ve been working hard all day on your diet to lose weight, so it only makes sense to add a little more effort into effectively losing weight by burning more calories while sleeping. Getting enough sleep helps people burn more calories at… Source:

  6. Jessie Reply:

    you burn calories while you breathe too! yes it would burn those 500 calories but if it runs out, it will burn the fat thats already stored in your body! but also, its not healthy to eat 500 calories and expect to burn it off while sleeping! you need lots of calories just to walk, eat, talk, breathe and do any other actions!

  7. Arnette Reply:

    How many calories does a 150-pound person burn while sleeping? a 150 pound person sleeping for 8 hours burns 489 calories. How many calories will you

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