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How many hours does a baby need to sleep at night?

Babies between 3 to 9 months need 10-11 hours of sleep a night! Add a couple of naps and they’re sleeping about 15 hours a day! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Soledad Reply:

    How Many Hours Do Children Need to Sleep?. Babies are born with no internal clock to regulate their sleep. It is important to maintain a good sleep schedule for Source:

  2. Tasia Reply:

    Question: Baby Sleep: How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need at Night and are general guidelines for how many hours the average baby sleeps at night, naps

  3. Millicent Reply:

    They just need to learn how to sooth themselves. When they cry at night-go to them and pat them on the back and talk softly for a minute and leave. Wait longer between the times you go in. It’s hard but with patience, it will work. Source:

  4. Lottie Reply:

    Babies can start sleeping through the night right away. Every child is totally different. You just need to make sure that they are fed enough and that they are kept dry and clean and comfortable. Source:

  5. Audie Reply:

    Depending on the age of the baby, you will find they do best when they get about 12 to 16 hours or more of sleep. This is broken up into naps throughout the day and about 10 or more hours at night. Source:

  6. Nita Reply:

    My 3.5 month old baby used to sleep 6 hours straight at back to waking up every night and now he is 3-4 hours ? He was a super mellow baby, never cried, never fussed, totally

  7. Nenita Reply:

    Any advice?? On getting newborn to sleep through the night??Not a good idea!Recent research suggests that longer stretches of deep sleep are associated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and babies who sleep longer/deeper may be more vulnerable to SIDS (see in particular the research of James McKenna, PhD)! Some scientists are saying that it appears that long sleep stretches are not natural for human infants and that sleep interruptions in the early months may provide a protective factor against SIDS! More research is needed on this subject, but parents might want to think twice about significantly manipulating babys natural sleep pattern in the early months!http://www!kellymom!com/nutrition/solids/solids-sleep!html

  8. An Reply:

    How many hours does baby sleep at night? you should probably get an average of 9-12 hours of sleep a night. if your a child then you need about 10 hours if

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