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How much does the average female sleep?

The average female between the ages of 15-19 years of age will sleep 9!5 hours per night! Take care, and on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Heisuke Reply:

    I have no idea. :p I just turned eleven and I sleep at average, about three hours or less each night, and I know that’s not average. My height is 5ft. 3in. Tall. 😀

  2. Micheline Reply:

    How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Without Exercise. A calorie is a unit of On average a person sleeps eight hours a day which equals about 380 calories burned. The other 16 hours of . How Much Exercise Per Day for Weight Loss? Source:

  3. Krystin Reply:

    The first thing experts will tell you about sleep is that there is no "magic number. slept longer than eight hours had an average mortality risk that was greater, but As a pregnant woman her sleep needs changed with each trimester, and she

  4. Altha Reply:

    The average number of male sexual partners for a woman in a lifetime is four. Source:

  5. Lydia Reply:

    The average height of females is five feet and three inches tall. The average height for men is five feet and seven inches. Both of these figures are for adults. Source:

  6. Cleta Reply:

    The average height of a female has fallen from a long time ago. The average height of a female is about 5’5". The average height of men is slightly taller, hovering around the 5’10" stage. Source:

  7. Estela Reply:

    I’m having sleep problems, how much sleep on average female be getting per – day? first of all, I rarely can get to should an 18 year old sleep until at least 3AM, literally I

  8. Hang Reply:

    As much as you need! Try doing stretches after you wake up and use other methods to keep you feeling energized all day!

  9. Sherell Reply:

    How much sleep does the average 14-year-old need? Improve What is the average weight for a 10 year old girl that is 4feet and 11inches tall? Answer it!

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