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How to fall asleep faster?

You can exercise before bedtime and this tires you out and allows you to sleep a lot better! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shawanda Reply:

    How to Fall Asleep Fast Tonight. Fall asleep fast tonight! Are you tired of falling into bed only to toss and turn? If you have trouble falling asleep, here are some Source:

  2. Leonor Reply:

    Be super active the day before. I have the same exact problem when something important or exciting is coming up, like CHRISTMAS!!! 😀 You can watch tv, read a book, count, or warm shower. Do NOT do anything very active or something that wil

  3. Christinia Reply:

    Slow down before bedtime. Being active up until bedtime can impact your ability to fall asleep fast. Climb into bed and watch television or read a book an hour or so before bed. This gives your mind time to wind down and prepare for sleep. … Source:

  4. Danille Reply:

    Most tossing and turning at night originates from a lack of activity during the day. If you are having trouble falling asleep quickly, try including more exercise into your daily activities. Try jogging for a half hour each day, but don’t e… Source:

  5. Ling Reply:

    Try to avoid intensive workouts before heading to bed. You may also want to avoid high adrenalin movies and video games just before sleep as well. Relax before trying to go to sleep. Read a book, write in a journal, or take a warm bath. Avo… Source:

  6. Debi Reply:

    i cant fall asleep the night before school starts. what should i do so asleep faster.? i hate staying up all i can relax and fall night cuz i cant fall asleep. what should i d

  7. Susana Reply:

    dim your lights to activate your pineal gland witch is responsible for sleepno caffeine no sweets or sweeteners drink only clear water

  8. Grayce Reply:

    How do you fall asleep faster? You can do a number of things. The things I Why most people fall asleep faster? because they probobaly have milk with there

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