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How to get a good nights sleep?

For better sleep, get a good exercise in during the day! Avoid drinking caffeine at night and reserve your bed just for sleeping! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Solange Reply:

    How to Get a Good Night's Sleep. A good night's sleep is essential. Without it, we go through the day feeling groggy, unable to concentrate and with very little Source:

  2. Krysta Reply:

    One thing that I have heard is, that a person should try to get to sleep at the exact same time, every nightthey say that you will get better sleep this wayI have to take medication every night though and, this wouldn’t work for me, b

  3. Esta Reply:

    Babies can start sleeping through the night right away. Every child is totally different. You just need to make sure that they are fed enough and that they are kept dry and clean and comfortable. Source:

  4. Felicia Reply:

    They just need to learn how to sooth themselves. When they cry at night-go to them and pat them on the back and talk softly for a minute and leave. Wait longer between the times you go in. It’s hard but with patience, it will work. Source:

  5. Verna Reply:

    Birds are always on the look out for predators. They sleep wherever they think they will be safe, and out of the wind, like bird houses, eaves of buildings, dense trees. Some sleep in wide open spaces, where they can see any danger approach… Source:

  6. Ewa Reply:

    How can I get a good? How can I get a good nights sleep I sleep 4 hours and am wide nights sleep I sleep 4 I do not drink caffeine hours and am wide awake how can I get mo awa

  7. Kylie Reply:

    Stress can alter sleep patterns!I had problems falling asleep, and was precscribed medication, and then I had heard about Stemulite, which is all natural health supplement! There is a daytime and nighttime formula that is a binary formula to help maximize the benefits!In the nighttime formula, is an all natural ingredient by the name of melatonin, which helps you fall asleep deeply! This enables REM sleep, where a person can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day!I decided to just take straight melatonin, and it never worked as well as the Stemulite did, and that is in part of the manufacturing of Stemulite, which was made by a doctor!You can visit http://powerofstemulite!com to learn more and download your free report!

  8. Tenesha Reply:

    In this health video you will learn how to get a good night's sleep naturally.

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