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How to get rid of a cold?

Getting rid of cold is an all too daunting endeavor for many of us, but you can do it by just sleeping it off and eating properly! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jone Reply:

    How to Get Rid of a Cold Quickly. In order to get rid of a cold fast you must take care of your body the moment you first experience cold symptoms. Your body's Source:

  2. Tonja Reply:

    When treating a common cold you are mostly treating the symptoms. Over the counter cough medicines as well as decongestants will lessen symptoms until the illness has passed.

  3. Loise Reply:

    Some people recommend taking cold products with zinc to get rid of a cold quickly. But you can eat well, especially vegetables and fruits with vitamin C. Drink plenty of water and rest as much as possible. Those activities will go a long wa… Source:

  4. Dulcie Reply:

    You can go to a store and buy something such as blistex to help heal the cold sore. There are home remedies like putting baking soda on the cold sore. Source:

  5. Jessenia Reply:

    Getting rid of a cold in a cold in one day is very possible. Drinking the proper teas can eliminate a cold sometimes in one day. Herbal green tea is good for getting rid of a cold. Source:

  6. Alayna Reply:

    How can I get rid of? About 5 days about I my head cold that’s turning into a chest cold started getting symptoms of a head cold, each day it’s gotten worse, even though I’m t

  7. Deidre Reply:

    it may be because you have a fever and infection arising at the same time small in your mouth so that it appears sprue! You can paint the wound with propolis platium (probiotic anti-yeast and anti-bacterial) and K-spiriluna!Do not forget to always drink warm water and vitamin c

  8. Artie Reply:

    There is no cure for the common cold, so people are left to suffer with a cold until it goes away. Even though there may not be a cure for the cause.

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