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How to get to sleep fast?

How about this, Do something that relaxes you before you try to get to sleep read or take a bath, and maybe a cup of herbal tea! Keep ing! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shandi Reply:

    How to Go to Sleep Fast. Having trouble getting to sleep? Try these tips to help you go to sleep faster. Source:

  2. Chin Reply:

    Get in a ROUTINE !! Babies and children need stability and a routine. Do something exactly the same and around the same time every night before you put them to sleep. This will be called your prepping time. This could be reading a few books… Source:

  3. Joella Reply:

    1 Try taking a short warm shower or bath . This makes you feel relaxed and sleepy maybe. 2 Make sure the light is off in the room your sleeping in . TV is not the best option to have on. As long as its noise level low. 3 Noise level should … Source:

  4. Barbra Reply:

    Having trouble getting to sleep? Try these tips to help you go to sleep faster. Source:

  5. Annabelle Reply:

    Can’t sleep, need tips on how to get to sleep fast. HELP!? Ok, thanks for reading. It is 1:10 a.m. I have to wake up at 6:15 a.m. I stupidly drank a bottle of coke at 12:00. I

  6. Hermina Reply:

    Ummm, things that you can try are!!!1! Have good dinner2! Take a bath or hot shower before you go to bed3! Dont think or worry too much about something before you go to bed4! Drink warm milk5! Use comfortable ear plugs and eye masks when you sleep6! Listen to good music that helps you to relax7! Dont take a nap after 5pm8! Dont drink beverages with caffeineI hope these help!!!

  7. Keila Reply:

    The first step in getting to sleep fast is eliminating these distractions. Turn off any lights, disable any sound, turn a fan on to drown out sounds you can't control,

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