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How to speed up your metabolism?

To speed up your metabolism, eat more often (smaller meals more frequently), exercise, drinking lots of water and getting sleep! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rachelle Reply:

    How to Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally. Speed up your metabolism the right way-naturally. No pills or scams. Train your body to burn fat with a little natural Source:

  2. Delinda Reply:

    To speed up your metabolism, you can add muscle. Muscle increases the rate. Also, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. For more tips, see .

  3. Janett Reply:

    The best way to speed up your metabolism would be to add cardiovascular and strength training workouts to your week. The more muscles you create the higher your metabolism will rise. Source:

  4. Rosio Reply:

    Eating foods like chillies, raw onions and radishes help speed up your metabolism. Try cayenne pepper and eggs too. It doesn’t make any difference if your a male or female all foods mentioned will that the effect regardless of your sex. Source:

  5. Christena Reply:

    There are some nutrition helps speed up metabolism. Eating breakfast, exercise, as well as drinking green tea and eating five to six small meals. Source:

  6. Deloras Reply:

    How can one speed up their metabolism, and can you “measure” your metabolism? I’ve heard that drinking a cup of green tea once a day will do this, but I’ve gotten no confirmat

  7. Heather Reply:

    Enzymes from plant sourcesLipase !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FatProtease !!!!!!!!!!!! ProteinAmylase !!!!!!!!!!! StarchesLactase !!!!!!!!!!!!! Milk SugarSucrase !!!!!!!!!!!!! SugarRennin !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Milk ProteinTrypsin !!!!!!!!!!!!! ProteinChymo-Tryp!!!!!! Swells ProteinMaltase !!!!!!!!!!!!! Reduces Maltose DextrosePepsin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helps form Polypeptides Amino AcidsPapain from Papaya Bromelain from PineappleEchinacea – a lymphatic cleanserBifidus Bacterium ¨ Intrinsic FactorIn a base of: Barley Grass Juice, Wheat Grass Juice, Spirulina and ChlorellaEnteric Coated – allows enzymes to pass through the acid of the stomach into the alkaline small intestine! All the above enzymes mentioned above are available in vegetables and help s greatly in metabolism!The salt in these soda water may reduce the amount of water in your cells! Salt increases dehydration, which is why sailors dont drink seawater! Even mild dehydration will slow down your metabolism, speed up aging, reduce resistance to disease, and reduce muscle recovery after exercise! Hence water is good for metabolism but soda isnt good for metabolism!

  8. Myong Reply:

    Speed up your metabolism. Here are five excellent ways to speed up your metabolism. Everyone is different, but the following program of metabolism boosters

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