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Is it possible to learn while sleeping?

Studies have shown that listening to tapes or recordings during sleep can help you learn! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tristan Reply:

    While learning Russian vocabulary may be possible when sleeping, learning the basic and advanced linguistics of the language will require more. You can Source:

  2. Shanae Reply:

    I’m not sure that you can learn new things while you’re sleeping but I do know that if you study something right before you go to bed, it’s more likely that you’ll remember it the next day. I also know that while you’re sleeping the brain o

  3. Cyndy Reply:

    Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? How can anyone determine if they have indeed actually learned something? Test it. Do you need to learn something? Try going over a difficult subject before bedtime, then again in the morning. If your … Source:

  4. Elvina Reply:

    Looks like it’s just called "sleep learning." You learn new info quickly because it goes directly to your subconscious mind. Source:

  5. Cassie Reply:

    While it’s been suggested, mainstream science has been largely unsupportive of this practice of "hypnopedy". Source:

  6. Cindi Reply:

    how do i learn things while was alway falling asleep in grades. sense that, i always wanted to perform history class, but he made very good sleeping in class? I knew a guy who

  7. Leila Reply:

    NO! Its a bunch of bs! Anyone who says you can learn anything in your sleep is largely misinformed or trying to sell you something! Its impossible to learn while you sleep! Your brain is effectively shutdown while you sleep and it is in regeneration mode! If it was possible to learn in your sleep, you wouldnt see anyone ever studying!

  8. Danuta Reply:

    Yes you can learn while sleeping. research shows that you can in fact learn while sleeping because the mind is very forgiving. Is it possible to dream while

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