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Is it true that if you dream about someone, they were thinking about you before they fell asleep?

No it is not true that if you dream about someone they were thinking of you before they went to sleep! But it does sound nice! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Petra Reply:

    By being attached to people, things or events that occurred in the past they When you have a dream that you believe you encountered a spirit, try to strange coincidences such as thinking of the deceased person then coming into You and I have talked about this a little before and I certainly don't think you're crazy at Source:

  2. Madlyn Reply:

    That’s so cute. I hope it’s true 😀 ♥…

  3. Winifred Reply:

    when you have a dream about someone, it is because their image is stored in your memory. Dreaming is all about what is happening in our subconcious. It has nothing to do with another persons thoughts, only yours Source:

  4. Laura Reply:

    I don’t see any information that supports that claim. Dreams are your subconscious at work, not visions from other people. Source:

  5. Leah Reply:

    Is it true that when you dream about a person, they fell asleep thinking about you? Is it true? Why or why not? Thanks! :)

  6. Billy Reply:

    Very much doubt that !!!

  7. Adrianne Reply:

    If you dream about someone does it mean they were thinking about you before they fell asleep? No. Is it true if you dream about someone that means that

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