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Is it true that if you have a dream about someone? That person went to sleep thinking about you?

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  1. Keturah Reply:

    By being attached to people, things or events that occurred in the past they cannot When you have a dream that you believe you encountered a spirit, try to strange coincidences such as thinking of the deceased person then coming Last nite my husband went up to bed, I went to lock my front door when I have heard Source:

  2. Jennefer Reply:

    your kidding me right? Of course it’s just a myth you’d have to be retarded to think otherwise don’t give yourself false hope

  3. Danae Reply:

    That is not stupid nor impossible. But there is no way to know unless you can ask the person if they went to sleep thinking about you. More often than not it is no. But it does sometimes happen. My ex-boyfriend and I had that problem. So it… Source:

  4. Aiko Reply:

    Dreaming about someone means you were thinking about them! Some people do believe we are connected through dreams, though. Source:

  5. Deanna Reply:

    When you dream of a person it probably means you went to sleep thinking of them not them thinking of you. Source:

  6. Mckenzie Reply:

    Is it true when you dream about a person THEY went? Do you believe it? Why or why do you to sleep thinking about you not believe it? They just were thinking about you it doesn

  7. Rebekah Reply:

    no!!!thats a myth!!sorry!

  8. Pricilla Reply:

    Human beings need to use devices such as radios, cell phones or the Is it true that if you have a dream about someone they went to sleep thinking about you?

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