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Should i go to sleep or stay awake?

If you go to sleep this early, you’ll likely wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Karisa Reply:

    Another night of no sleep, and you still have to find a way to stay awake at work. This is Turn the thermostat temperature down as low as you can get away with. Do this Go to the coffee pot as soon as it is done brewing and fill your cup up. Source:

  2. Florine Reply:

    go to sleep

  3. Lakeshia Reply:

    The problem determining record for longest a person has stayed awake is that people take "microsleeps" without being aware of it. Source:

  4. Dorthy Reply:

    dunk your head in a bowl of ice water every time you lay down or start falling asleep it really works Source:

  5. Ivelisse Reply:

    Another night of no sleep, and you still have to find a way to stay awake at work. This is a problem many people face everyday. Sometimes the lack of sleep comes from our own choosing and sometimes not. Whatever causes you to have no sleep … Source:

  6. Willena Reply:

    my sleep schedule is outta wack, n im also guilty of, need something to stay awake get up by 6 every/ go to sleep? ok, so basically i have to mornin to go to school goin to be

  7. Kourtney Reply:

    You pretty much just answer that question yourself! But since u asked i am gonna respond and i would say you should stay awake so you can get back on a school schedule! Yes you are gonna feel exhausted BUT getting your school schedule back on track is way more important! If you are really tired during the day try drinking an energy drink or just sleep for 1-2 hours and you should be good! Trust me!

  8. Ada Reply:

    Is it possible to stay awake for 48 hours with out sleep? Yes it is possible. I did it before! Actually it was more about 60 hours. But very tiring though. Should I go to

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