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What are good ways to fall asleep?

Take a warm bath, create a room that is utterly dark and silent, or bore yourself to sleep! Get a new mattress and warm blankets! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Anja Reply:

    How to Sleep Better at Night Get a Good Nights Sleep. Need a good Many people have problems sleeping and use sleeping pills to help them fall asleep. Source:

  2. Lynette Reply:

    Take a warm bath, create a room that is utterly dark and silent, or bore yourself to sleep. Get a new mattress and warm blankets.

  3. Gregoria Reply:

    If you are tired enough, falling asleep should not be a problem. However, try relaxing and taking some deep breaths. Let the stress of the day just roll down your body like teardrops falling down your face. Make sure the room is fairly dark… Source:

  4. Roseline Reply:

    To fall asleep quickly, you need to prepare your body. Do not drink caffeine after 4pm. Also, do not smoke within an hour of your bedtime. Try not to watch TV an hour before bedtime also, as it is a stimulant. Good luck! Source:

  5. Lael Reply:

    A great way to help you fall asleep in the P.M. is to have about a 30 or more minute workout in the mornings. If your brave try yoga, it is a very relaxing way to start your day and will help you relax when its time to fall asleep. Try warm… Source:

  6. Halina Reply:

    What are some good ways to help you fall asleep? I have difficulties sleeping.

  7. Tamie Reply:

    Ok first of all Do Not Walk ignore ^ walking increases energy and blood flow to your brain which guess what!! will keep you Awake not put you to sleep! I have a sleeping disorder and before I got on meds for it I was told to!! A! Get off the computer!! Bright lights and thinking to much will keep you up not put you to sleep! B! Try drinking something warm like tea its soothing and should help you relax C! Warm bath it is calming and relaxing again something to calm and relax you always helps! and mostly D! Lay down in bed try not to think to much you need your mind clear counting sheep will do nothing the more clean your mind is the better and keep the tv off the flashing lights stimulate your brain Good Luck

  8. Santos Reply:

    What is a good way to fall asleep? count backwards from your favorite numer and think really hard about the number you are counting. What is a good way to fall

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