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What are some good ways to fall asleep?

To fall asleep: Court your sleep: exercise regularly, quiet the house down in the minutes leading up to sleep, reduce!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Patrina Reply:

    How to Fall Asleep Using Mental Tricks. For some, falling asleep is as easy as putting their head down on the pillow. Others have a tougher time falling asleep Source:

  2. Linsey Reply:

    read a boring book or think about being in a classroom always works for me :)

  3. Kenyetta Reply:

    If you are tired enough, falling asleep should not be a problem. However, try relaxing and taking some deep breaths. Let the stress of the day just roll down your body like teardrops falling down your face. Make sure the room is fairly dark… Source:

  4. Sherise Reply:

    To fall asleep quickly, you need to prepare your body. Do not drink caffeine after 4pm. Also, do not smoke within an hour of your bedtime. Try not to watch TV an hour before bedtime also, as it is a stimulant. Good luck! Source:

  5. Allen Reply:

    A great way to help you fall asleep in the P.M. is to have about a 30 or more minute workout in the mornings. If your brave try yoga, it is a very relaxing way to start your day and will help you relax when its time to fall asleep. Try warm… Source:

  6. Domitila Reply:

    What are some good ways to help you fall asleep? I have difficulties sleeping.

  7. Desirae Reply:

    IDK about chemicals, etc!But to actually start to sleep, try this:Just learn to really breathe deep! Pay attention only to your breathing!The reason it works?? Well, theres two I can think of, and they may be the same thing, I cant remember!Your slower breathing changes the oxygen levels in your brain, which changes how it works!And, your slower breathing triggers different brain waves!Chamomile, now I think of it, can help you relax, so your breathing stays deep, and so your brain can stop being on Supermom mode (I remember when I had to do that!)

  8. Thuy Reply:

    I would try reading, or counting to 300. If you can't sleep, try imagining something, like making a movie, and imagine all the stuff you would try to put in it. For me

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