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What are some ways that will help me fall asleep?

Make your bedroom cool, dark, quiet and comfortable! Create a room that’s ideal for sleeping! If that doesn’t work! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Neta Reply:

    What Are Some Natural Things I Can Do to Help Me Get to Sleep? Relaxing pre-bedtime routines will help you unwind and get your body ready for sleep. Source:

  2. Jennell Reply:

    Taking a hot bath and drinking hot milk helps calm you down. Also the smell of lavender is good too!

  3. Aline Reply:

    Warm yourself a cup of hot chamomile tea. Use as little honey and sugar as possible. Pick out a book that you have read before. A new book may tend to wake up and excite your mind and make you want to keep reading more. Lay in bed, make sur… Source:

  4. Elena Reply:

    Ever since the birth of the first baby, parents have wrestled from time to time with the question of how to coax the little one to sleep for the night. Babies require three basic things to allow them to fall asleep: they must feel physicall… Source:

  5. Eboni Reply:

    A great way to help you fall asleep in the P.M. is to have about a 30 or more minute workout in the mornings. If your brave try yoga, it is a very relaxing way to start your day and will help you relax when its time to fall asleep. Try warm… Source:

  6. Mica Reply:

    Ways to help me fall asleep work for example warm milk?!? Ok so yaa i suffer have trouble sleeping and all from insomnia so oviously i the things ive heard dont,tea,books,sex,

  7. Denita Reply:

    Just get under some warm covers open up he window and turn on the fan so it Is cOld in your room then close your eyes and think of something and then you will be sound asleep :) or you can count sheep ! !

  8. Jamika Reply:

    For me it's great: For the first time in 20 years, I sleep all night long. I'm going to reduce the dosage to 1.5 mg, as some mornings I wake up a little groggy. It may initially help you sleep because of drowsiness but then, of course, it will be excreted by the kidneys to give you a How do you know if your rabbit is really sleep?

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