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What are ways to become less tired?

Get enough sleep! Eat right, that means a healthy breakfast with protein! Exercise keep your body healthy and gives you energy! Keep busy! ~ Any Suggestions here?


  1. Junie Reply:

    Good Ways to Be Less Tired. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button every morning or needing several cups of coffee to get through the day, you may be Source:

  2. Dorathy Reply:

    Aug 19, 2011 You are here: All Articles » How To Feel Less Tired During The Day but if you find yourself feeling tired most of the time, it may be due to one

  3. Lashell Reply:

    Envision yourself floating in the Caribbean, lying on a warm beach in Hawaii, or rejoicing after a great game of golf or tennis. Source:

  4. Lacie Reply:

    Vote for politicians that take little or no money from oil companies. Source:

  5. Merri Reply:

    Answer If there is no apparent cause for your tiredness then it is not normal and you need to see a doctor. If however you are getting insufficient food or sleep for whatever reason (new baby, shift work, spending hours on the Internet) the… Source:

  6. Harriett Reply:

    Can’t sleep yet 😛 Have a French essay to. Then have a maths exercise do. Already done a history one to do. I’m so tired I can’t think. I can’t drink coffee or energy drinks b

  7. Lanette Reply:

    There could be many reasons for this problem!If you can overcome your fatigue problem you should feel a lot better!A B50 or B100 is a very potent vitamin B complex including lots of vitamin B12 (the energy vitamin) and that should boost your energy level!You could also take a high potency energy multivitamin that also includes lots of vitamin B12!If you take vitamin B12 alone you are likely to create an imbalance with the other B vitamins which all interact so the B complex or a multivitamin is better than vitamin B12 alone!Coenzyme Q10 is a good energy enzyme to take! It also slows down the aging process! It is mainly intended for people over 40 or even older such as over 50 or over 60!You can also get more energy enzymes from more fruit and vegetables to boost your energy level!Spirulina (very high in chlorophyll) is another energy boosting food! Liquid chlorophyll is another one!

  8. Marcela Reply:

    What happens when you become tired? NOTHING. How and why did calvary become less important? Tanks replaced horses. Do dogs become tired when in

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