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What are ways to help growth in height?

A person’s height is determined by how genes interact with environment! If you live healthy, you will achieve greatest potential height!Important things to do are to get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, well-balanced diet & avoid alcohol & drugs Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Dennis Reply:

    How to Promote Height Growth. A child's ultimate height is primarily determined by his genetics and the height of his mother and father; however, there are other Source:

  2. Vincenza Reply:

    It helps your body turn fat into energy needed for growth. One of the best tips to increase height is to learn how to get your body to make more HGH and how to

  3. Herma Reply:

    Anything that has calcium and vitamin D such as milk, or iron, such as in meat or bread, can help promote growth. Eat vegetables as well. Source:

  4. Spring Reply:

    Get a chinup bar, or anything that you would be able to hang on while keeping your legs vertical. Hang for as long as possible letting your body go limb. This will stretch your spine. Do this as many times a day as possible for a minimum of… Source:

  5. Grace Reply:

    Good diet, especially as a child + genetic predisposition. Source:

  6. Kristina Reply:

    Does L- Glutamine Powder mess with height? Does growth hormone mess with? I was thinking about getting height or just muscle growth L- Glutamine Powder to add to my workout su

  7. Stephani Reply:

    Most guys stop their height growth around 17! Youre probably going to get a bit taller, but at your present height its not likely youre going to get much over 58! Thats my height, and its about 1!5 to 2 below average today! For me that height feels like Im just a bit short! Compact, but not so short anyone points it out! Im compact, but not quite small! Its hard to explain, but its a good height to be! If thats okay with you, then you dont need to do anything except enjoy the ride!

  8. Ling Reply:

    Reasonable amounts of exercise should also help, but care needs to be Unfortunately there is infact no way to grow in height immediately or in any safe way.

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