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What are withdrawal symptoms of hydrocodene?

Hydrocodone withdrawal can cause intense cravings for the drug, irritability, nausea or vomiting, muscle aches, runny nose or eyes, dilated pupils, sweating, diarrhea, yawning, fevers, chills, inability to sleep and depression! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dagmar Reply:

    How to Help Minimize Withdrawal Symptoms From Vicodin. Vicodin, a synthetic opioid narcotic comprised of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is frequently Source:

  2. Lovella Reply:

    Jan 28, 2009 Potential symptoms of hydrocodone withdrawal include a runny nose, insomnia, and shakiness. This eMedTV segment lists other possible

  3. Magda Reply:

    Having other drugs to counteract the withdrawal symptoms can be helpful if used in the short-term (less than a week). Tylenol is useful for fevers and headaches. A benzo (anti-anxiety agent) is good for anxiety and restlessness. If the with… Source:

  4. Angelique Reply:

    Withdrawl symptoms usually last 7 to 14 days. When you are in detox, which is the first 5 days of withdrawl, these are the most painful symptoms. Source:

  5. Wenona Reply:

    Withdrawal symptoms can range from very minor, to very severe. Withdrawal can include, but is not limited to sweating, nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, aggression, depression, sorrow, anxiety, heart palpitations, body aches, sharp pains, he… Source:

  6. Hermine Reply:

    when you stop smoking will you have withdrawal symptoms? if so what kind of withdrawal symptoms?

  7. Eliza Reply:

    I too suffer from fibro! I take lortab 10/650 and did take amitryptaline which I also stopped taking because of side effects! The withdrawal from it was horrible! When I tried to stop taking my pain med the pain was always worse! I have decided to keep taking it! Why be in pain when there is something to stop it?? Is there a specific reason you want to quit?? The medication can cause you no harm if you take it as prescribed! As for the first symptom of withdrawal, it could be a number of different things! Mood swings, nervousness, headaches, many more including severe pain! I hope this helps and if you ever need to talk with someone else in your shoes feel free to contact me!

  8. Darline Reply:

    Withdrawal is what occurs when the body has become dependent on an outside.. . What are the withdrawel symptoms of hydrocodone? Pretty much like every

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