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What can help me get to sleep tonight?

To get better sleep: 1) Wind down for 30 minutes before you try to sleep! Do something relaxing! 2) You should feel slightly cool but not cold and definitely not hot! 3) Go to the bathroom, and don’t drink anything else! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tarra Reply:

    Trouble sleeping can take its toll on the body, lowering productivity and alertness. What Are Some Natural Things I Can Do to Help Me Get to Sleep? Sleeping Source:

  2. Machelle Reply:

    Turn off the tv and the lights. If it’s completely silent you might try turning on a fan. I like to drink a glass of warm milk to make me sleepy.

  3. Fanny Reply:

    Consider taking a hot bath before bedtime. Hot baths not only are great but they help the body relax and get ready for sleep. When you take a bath the hot water raises your body temperature and when you get out that rapid decline in tempera… Source:

  4. Casie Reply:

    Well, it is best known as a single by the Tokens, in 1961, and considered a "doo wap" song at the time. It has certainly endured over the years as an R & B classic. Source:

  5. Rebeca Reply:

    It was sung by a few groups but the best known singel was by the Tokens in 1961. It has definately become an R & B classic over the years. Source:

  6. Daria Reply:

    I didnt sleep one minute last thursday… friday night and saturday night night… is it ok to wait sleep? I have been sick with till tonight to try to a bad virus since last

  7. Terri Reply:

    Apparently reading before you sleep helpsTake a bath??Have a hot drink before you sleep?? it helps you wake up in the morning to!

  8. Elaine Reply:

    How fast can you go to sleep tonight if you got to sleep at 2 am? Send me the monthly newsletter. I accept Guidelines; Reputation; Roles; Help

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