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What can make you eyes blood shot?

There are many causes for blood shot eyes! The most common causes are alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, pink eye, eye strain, cigarette smoke, pregnancy, diabetes, and allergies! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Luan Reply:

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  2. Madlyn Reply:

    According to the National Institute of Health, "Bloodshot eyes appear red because If you do get debris in your eye, wash your hands and then try to flush the Source:

  3. Renita Reply:

    Do your eyes make you feel self-conscious or embarrassed to be around other This "Extra" segment shows how Dr. Brian helps whiten up bloodshot eyes with

  4. Denise Reply:

    Assess Your Environment. If you experience bloodshot eyes during the winter months, the cause could be lack of humidity. Reassess your living area to see if you need to add a humidifier to moisten the air. Have you been exposed to heavy cig… Source:

  5. Anisha Reply:

    You look in the mirror and there it is, the thing that will throw a monkey wrench into the rest of your day. Whether they are from allergies, lack of sleep, or crying, blood shot eyes are a common problem for many people. We are told time h… Source:

  6. Romona Reply:

    There are several causes of blood shot eyes including fatigue, allergies, irritation, red eye and strangulation. Eye drops can be used to help with the irritation and itching. Source:

  7. Pansy Reply:

    Contacts Make My Eyes Look Blood really red. They are Bi-weeklys (2 weeks each) and after about 2 wears Shot…? My contacts make my eyes, they make my eyes completely red an

  8. Sharmaine Reply:

    There are some reasons why your dog may have bloodshot eyes!1!Your dog might have scratched their eye; 2!Your dog might have something trapped in their eyelid; 3!Your dog might have allergies; 4!Your dog might have high blood pressure; 5!Your dog might be getting glaucomaThose are also some signs of dehydration! These include excessive drooling, lethargy, bloodshot eyes, and loss of skin elasticity! If youre concerned, get your dog into the shade or go inside, provide water, and contact your veterinarian! You really need to find a vet for your dog! Take him in tommorow, they will accept you as a new client! your dog will thank you for it! :]]

  9. Thuy Reply:

    It causes the blood vessels everywhere in your body to expand. That is why you get bloodshot eyes and feel warm after a few buds. But dotn drink in the winer to

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