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What causes lack of sleep?

There are many factors that play into lack of sleep including caffeine, stress, and fatty foods! Thanks ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Natisha Reply:

    What Causes a Lack of Sleep in Children?. To enable your child to be productive during his waking hours, you have to make sure he gets sufficient sleep. Source:

  2. Katharyn Reply:


  3. Corinna Reply:

    There’s a lot of causes of lack of sleep: 24 hours of no sleep at all – mood swings 36 hours of no sleep at all – starts to get stressing to drive 48 hours of no sleep at all – more stress, paranoia, and auditory hallucinations 60 hours of … Source:

  4. Johanne Reply:

    Dizziness, weakness, trouble concentrating, confusion, reduced ability to process thoughts and emotions, exhaustion of mandatory bodily systems (circulatory, nervous, etc.) as well as your lymphatic system… the list goes on. In extreme ca… Source:

  5. April Reply:

    To make time for personal and professional responsibilities, some people often try to sleep less. Others have disorders that interfere with their sleep. Compromising sleep can decrease energy. Source:

  6. Romona Reply:

    Can lack of sleep, lack of exercise or cold the past 3 nights (school camp), and now my legs and weather cause body aches? I have hardly slept over arms are weak and sore, and

  7. Terry Reply:

    i know from working in sleep lab, that if youre not breathing well during sleep, your O2, oxygen may be dropping, which causes you to wake up tired, which can be helped by CPAP/a sleep machine!!!!!! or if you have trouble getting to sleep arent sleeping enough, well thats like burning candles both ends, zapping your energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aurore Reply:

    have as one of its causes a corresponding decrease in the average Sleep loss is currently proposed to disturb endocrine

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