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What do you do when you cry yourself to sleep every night?

Crying yourself to sleep every night may be a sign of depression! You really should speak to someone about this! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carli Reply:

    Before you embark on training yourself to get by with less sleep, it is Go to bed every night only when you feel sleepy, but set an alarm to wake up at the same In the event that you get less sleep one night, you will feel sleepy earlier the next night. You just put her down for a nap, and now she's awake and crying again. Source:

  2. Judy Reply:

    Jul 19, 2008 Every night you cry yourself to sleep Thinking why does this happen to me? The taste of her breath, I’ll never get over And the noises that she

  3. Lanie Reply:

    To sleep better every night you must get into a routine. Do not eat after 7:00 in the evening. Do not drink any carbonated or caffinated beverages – water only. Try to limit your fluids altogether so you will not have to go to the bathroom … Source:

  4. Macie Reply:

    Get Daily exorcize. About 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day will help you fall sleep faster. But do not exorcize to late, because when you exorcize you stimulate your body making the temperature increase. You want your body to cool d… Source:

  5. Randy Reply:

    Because I am a broken vase all glued back together again, I look whole but there are many cracks :( Source:

  6. Hoa Reply:

    Why does my 10 month old almost every night when I baby cry herself to sleep put her in her crib to sleep? We feed her, change her diaper, read to her, turn out the light, pat

  7. Dionne Reply:

    Grieve!!!!then get on with life honey! No one is worth losing a minute of your life over! NO ONE!I know it is hard!!!but after 61 years of life and looking back!!!!I can tell you!!!life is too precious to waste on those that dont want to be part of your life! There is too much out there that is positive and good and where losing your heart is a risk that we sometimes lose !!!it is still better to know that you have the capabilities of loving someone deeply! When you are through this hurting!!!you will find someone who cares as deeply for you as you do them! You will need that so you can get through a lifetime with them! Relationships are hard in the best of times!!!!so you need someone who is as committed and as much in love you with you as you are with them! If not!!!!you are cheating yourself out of the type of relationship that will give and take and bend and not break!Take your time grieving!!!!!scream and shout and get mad and do all of the seven steps of grief!!!!then get even by living a good life and a happy one!You will find many gifts in this relationship!!!even if it is painful right now! Take them and learn from them and know it is part of your growth and wisdom and experience in life! Only through experience can you even begin to understand yourself and what makes you a strong and vibrant and healthy woman!Do not make this about you! The fault is in him who would not talk to you and say!!!there is a problem!!!I think we need to work on something! Your only fault was in trusting someone you thought would be there forever when he didnt feel the same way!

  8. Zonia Reply:

    Do what Why does my cat sleep on me every night? because it is black. Are you considered emo if you cry yourself to sleep? if you could tell me why you cry

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