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What do you do when your really tired?

Try and get some good rest and go to sleep for awhile! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alane Reply:

    If you're dragging at the office, one of the worst things you can do is reach for an energy drink. If you really want to get energy when you're tired, follow these Source:

  2. Rachele Reply:

    drink a mixed drink and have a slice of pizza

  3. Maxie Reply:

    Yep. I’d raise a hand, but I’m too tired to do that. Hand raising is reserved for coffee drinking. I’m treating my 9:30 pm crash. (Important note: To me, 9:30 pm is like 3:30 pm to the "daytime person".) Source:

  4. Tracie Reply:

    If a hyperbole is when you super exaggerate something, an example could be I am so tired I could just die here and now. Or I’m so tired I could sleep for a year. Source:

  5. Alethia Reply:

    Finding the real age of a tire is not easy. You must be able to locate the U.S. Department of Transportation number on the tire. It is so important for anyone who is buying tires to look at this number and find out how old the tire really i… Source:

  6. Tamela Reply:

    Asked a girl out,1st time. she’s tired,”call her manyana”. Still tired next day. is she really that tired benefit of the doubt and? So I gave her the called her two days later

  7. Arlyne Reply:

    I get up, walk around, and stretch for a few minutes! Its the only thing Ive found that works!

  8. Ivette Reply:

    What can i do if i feel tired and sleepy all the time and i forget allot? Go to your GP or Psychiatrist. Why do you feel hot all the time? Its Because, your really

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