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What does crystal do to you when you smoke it?

Crystal Meth can cause erratic, behavior among its users! Effects include suppressed appetite, interference with sleeping More Any Suggestions here?


  1. Daniele Reply:

    Lift the crystal up from wherever it rests so you can waft the smoke over all sides. There is no need to say anything, unless you wish to do so. Just let the smoke Source:

  2. Tam Reply:

    Do you burn the crystals until it turns to liquid and then it dries up? How does it turn to vapor or smoke and when do you start inhaling?

  3. Leonida Reply:

    underneath of goldenrod city, in the switches basement *spoiler alert* during the part where you are trying to get into the radio tower and take it back from team rocket. Not sure which switches you push and what order to get it. Something … Source:

  4. Hannelore Reply:

    Answer It has bad effects like nose bleeds, inflammation of the mucous lining the nose and infections. Source:

  5. Jovan Reply:

    You smoke crystal meth by putting it into a pipe and lighting it. You should really consider not starting to smoke crystal meth because not only is it illegal in the United States it is horrible for your body. It is highly addictive and des… Source:

  6. Lucy Reply:

    when being smoked, is the smoke from crystal keep in it my mouth meth supposed to be inhaled? somebody told me not to like the smoke from weed inhale the smoke but to

  7. Robbi Reply:

    Sounds like you are going through alot of pain! if you want to talk text me dont call my number but you can text me if you want! 1 250 301 8314

  8. Terina Reply:

    Depending on the potency of the stems, you will get lots of fine crystal in the bottom DO NOT use an electric grinder as it will grind everything up into a fine

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