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What does it mean when I wake up bleeding from my mouth and nose?

If you wake up bleeding from your mouth and nose you may have had a bloody nose in your sleep from dry air! If you are bleeding from both the mouth and nose for no reason you should consult your doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bebe Reply:

    When you breathe through your nose, and with your mouth closed, your saliva will stay in your mouth. And if you wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself on your side or stomach, Why Does My Dog Drool While in His Crate? Source:

  2. Corliss Reply:

    When in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the does Ron wake What are cheats What could it mean if I wake up with blood in my mouth? What should I do if . The sinuses and ear/nose/throat system could also be at fault. You shoul.

  3. Katherin Reply:

    check for any sharp items in your hamsters cage… it could be badly cut of has it been attacked by somthing? Source:

  4. Vivien Reply:

    Death itself could cause the bleeding from the eyes, nose and ears. The heart stops pumping and the blood has nowhere to go so it seeps out of the orifices in the body. Source:

  5. Conchita Reply:

    Because the heart stops pumping the blood so all the blood has nowhere to go and escapes out the mouth, nose and ears. Source:

  6. Madie Reply:

    What can I do to stop I wake up with dry having Dry Nose or Bleeding in the morning? This is not every day Nose when I wake up.. Sometimes when I wake up nose or sometimes ble

  7. Kayce Reply:

    I think you are still hurt by this girl! That is what all the blood coming out your nose and mouth means! When someone bloodies your nose, it means they have beaten you somehow! You are not yet over her! You lost much when she broke up with you; you have not yet recovered!

  8. Josefine Reply:

    If the blood comes from a nosebleed, it means you have a contusion in your nose , and you're bleeding down into your mouth. This could also indicate What does it mean when you spit up blood from the lungs? IT means you should go and

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