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What does it mean when you are always sleepy?

Stress from your home life, job, friends, mates, finances, etc!, can make you sleepy! Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night and avoid caffeine, drink lots of water, on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. ebony Reply:

    bull shit like come on now

  2. Joshua m Reply:


  3. carme Reply:

    well if ur sleepy all the time its called stopo staying up late texting and go to bed :)

  4. Tomi Reply:

    Always being tired can be a symptom of hundreds of different illnesses. Some people may be tired You may be extremely tired if you have a sleep disorder. Insomnia is the inability . What Does Feathered Tires Mean? Tire Wear Symptoms Source:

  5. Herta Reply:

    The fact is that being always tired is usually a sign that there may be an illness involved. The point is that if you are always tired you should not just try to live with the Common Steroid Pills · High White Blood Count: What Does It Mean?

  6. Joseph Reply:

    There are many possibilities as to why your girlfriend is always sleepy but the most realistic answer is that she is sleeping with another guy . This would take a lot of energy away from her and make her tired through out the day. Source:

  7. Rona Reply:

    mukhang di naman puyat kasi mataba pa rin! Source:

  8. Nettie Reply:

    You could basically be sleepy because you have not had enough sleep. Some medications will make you sleepy as well if this is a concern please make an appointment and see your physician. Source:

  9. Rosaline Reply:

    i hv a sleeping problem..i dont feel sleepy at night n terribly sleepy in d morning ..wat to do? hii i m a student .in collg ..i hv classes from 9-12 daily …and i feel terri

  10. Vertie Reply:

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  11. Lyn Reply:

    However, a dog's nose does not always have to be cold and wet. If you dog doesn't have the usual energy, is sleeping too much, not eating or drinking, has

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